Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Idea: Family Wedding Bookshelf

Family Wedding Photo Display

I have had a bookshelf since college that was our dear Aunt Coni's. She had painted layer after layer on it through all of her traveling years. In college I stripped it down, sanded, stained and put on new trim. One of my first DIY projects during the summer in Bellingham. The bookshelf fits well on our staircase landing holding some books. However, around the books I finally have crafted a great display of wedding memorabilia and a place to share our families wedding photos. 

The last four years, I have juggled what items have stayed on the self. It started with Lindsay and Evan's wedding photo framed in a older gold frame.  The ones that are usually tossed away at Goodwill. I like the old feel of those frames so I slowly started collecting frames and adding the framed Wedding photos of our family as I found them sifting through all the wedding boxes. It also was able to house items from our own Wedding that still hold the love of that day.

 Some of the items include:

-Grandparents Wedding Photos (Wack, Conrad, Bradach and Emery)
-Parents Wedding Photos
-Siblings Wedding Photos
-Our Wedding Photo
-Items that were on our Wedding alter (candle holders, frames, scrabble pieces)
 -Our Wedding Goblets
-Special beach trinkets from our Honeymoon
-Yearly anniversary wine bottles
-The three Wack sister family protraits from each wedding
-My Dad's high school senior portrait

Friday, March 7, 2014

June 2013: Kelsey turns 30!

Happy 30th Birthday to Me!

This post is long overdue. I guess we just get lost in the sweet summertime. I wanted to host my own party this year and do something special for the BIG 3-0. It was hard to think of something original but also a theme that people would enjoy and participate. One day at work it clicked to do a Murder Mystery party. I reserved a private room at McMenamins Back Stage Bar, close to the Bagdad Theater off  Hawthorne. The stage was set, now had to figure out the story line and the actors.

I found an awesome website called Haley Productions' Games that had a bunch of Murder Mystery story lines to choose from for bigger groups. Once you purchase the kit and they send you a downloadable zip file of the scripts and printables for your party.  I used almost all the items they prepare for you. There were two options for the script; The Know It All or the Narrator Version. My Mom and Courtney volunteered to help with the narration and the scene organization. Then I asked guests if they would act out parts to play the key characters in the script. With the cast lined up, I made all the decorations and got everything ready for the party.

I present Murder on Maui:
Guests showed up for a luau fund raiser for the Hawaiian Association of Authentic Leis (HAAL) hosted by Harold Logan (Chris B)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated, took pictures and helped me celebrate this special birthday.  P.S. This makes me want to go back to Maui soon!!

Thanks for the pictures Aunt Linda 
Thanks for the pictures Lindsay

Thanks for the pictures Kelly               

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bits and Pieces: Baby Girl Gift Idea

Baby Girl Headbands

I LOVE ribbons! I love adding ribbons to my hair on any given day. Baby girl headbands are all the rage right now. Do you remember what we used wear? I loved our plastic barrettes and small rubber band bows.  They were just enough to add to the baby girls head once she grew a little hair.  To be honest; today's hair pieces have gotten a little out of control, where the bows are wearing the baby. To each their own! However, I have always been a ribbon girl stemming from the ole' softball and volleyball days. Will I ever be too old for a bow? A friend's mom still wears ribbons in her hair and she is one of the coolest women I know. I think I will stick with my ribbons for now!

Back to the gift idea. The idea just came together after I bought some extra flowers on sale during Courtney's wedding as I made hair pieces for all the girls. They had just been sitting in my craft box waiting for a purpose. Then I remembered I had some elastic ribbon in my ribbon box that I hadn't touched in years. I decided to put two and two together to make a cute baby girl gift for almost nothing.

I put my plan into action early this month. My good friend  and co-worker Sara was expecting a baby girl at the end of September and I wanted to give her something extra special. I looked up a couple tutorials online to get an idea of how to put it together and gave it a whirl. After a little sewing and some gluing, VOILA, a trendy and colorful baby gift to give your present a personal touch.

Step 1: Burn the ends of the ribbon

Step 2: Sew ends together

Step 3: Burn ends of middle ribbon

Step 4: Wrap the ribbon to cover the sewn ends

Step 5: Secure ribbon ends with glue gun

Step 6: Ready the flower and glue on to ribbon mark

Finished product

Sunday, August 25, 2013

June Run - #9

Starlight Run - 5k Fun Run

As the name reads, what a FUN RUN! I love the city we live in and the roots of the Rose Festival. A part of all the festivities is the Starlight parade, a parade that starts at sun down and all the floats are lighted and magical! The parade kicks off with run through the streets and all the runners are typically dressed in costumes.

I knew I wanted this to be my final run to complete my running goal just before my 30th birthday this month. It was great because you also got a discount if you had run the Shamrock run. Since this was my first starlight I wasn't sure what to expect.  I looked at the theme for this year "A night on the town" so I tried to dress more towards the theme. There was a costume contest but I didn't expect to enter. The trick was to find something that I could run in. I had these crazy pants that I hadn't worn yet and cut up Chris' old Portland t-shirt and my zebra jacket. It worked out for an outfit but I wasn't sure how I could handle the run.

It turned out to be a gorgeous day in Portland. I worked out Friday night and Saturday morning as the run wasn't until that night. I felt good all day and Chris was going to drop me off downtown and then meet up after the run. My Aunt Kelly and Uncle Gary were planning on attending as they hadn't been in a couple years. They saved a spots for a few of us as they planned ahead and got their early. The plan was to find them and watch the parade after the race. Chris' Aunt Sally and Uncle Dwayne also decided to join the group. They dropped me off early so they could find some kind of parking and I picked up my bid. I was there quite early so I had some time to wait by myself. Isn't people watching one of the best forms of entertainment? Add a little Portland  and some costumes, the time flew by!

The costume contest was judged by some local names and K103 DJs were the MC. Here is the link to the winners of the contest.

They had a rocking band and lots of booths of freebies and giveaways. I stretched and checked my backpack. I didn't drink much water because the lines for the Honey Buckets were so long. Although I knew there wasn't water on the course. We finally got the call to line up and  waited for the countdown. It was an interesting start line but it worked for us! To be honest this was actually the most difficult run for me. I attributed to my downfall, with working out and having super sore legs, a night run, not drinking enough water, the heat and my outfit. My body could not regulate itself properly and I had to walk a few times. :( I was pretty disappointed because I hoped this would be the best, especially with the crowds of parade-goers watching the whole way. My earrings were also annoying me and they were not keeping the headphones in.

However, the HIGHLIGHT of the parade was magic of the city when they are all cheering for you. I can only imagine running a marathon and having everyone cheering for you at the end. It was a beautiful sight to be on the IN looking OUT to all the faces. The children were all trying to get high-fives and knuckles as the runners passed by, it was beyond cute. I was exited to pass my family as we ran up the hill and onto the home stretch. You forget that the city does have some hills hidden in its streets.

I made it to the end, don't remember my time but was 35 minutes or so. Not my best but could have been way worse. I was so thirsty! I walked a lap around and got my bag, water and some fruit. Headed back to find my family sitting on the corner and had hugs all around. Chris called and they had tried to find me back at the stadium but I had left so they came down to the street corner to see us. We all took some pictures and chatted for a bit. I stayed to watch the parade in my sweat but enjoyed the satisfaction of the tradition.

Thank you to all for your support! I plan on continuing my runs this year. I decided to take a couple months off and start back in September with Race for the Cure.

May Run - Memorial Day Weekend

10 Cane Rum: RUM RUN

There were quite a few runs in May but none seemed to spark my interest. However, I ended up finding the Rum Run during memorial day weekend. Chris was working that weekend and the run was just over in Tualatin close to my work so it sounded like the perfect fit.

This was a huge run for that community and so by the time I got there, it was crazy busy and kick'n. I parked and registered. There were doing the 10k first so we waited around while the music bumped. Then we lined up and got ready for the 5k. I loved that is was "Hawaiian" themed to go along with the Rum sponsor and the small Hawaiian restaurant near the Finish line called Roxy Grill. There were a lot of great costumes and accessories that runners were wearing. I couldn't find my hair clips but figured there is always next year.

Once we started the run we got rolling through the streets and into some scenic park area, Durham Park. I had no idea it was there. Then we wound up the hill into some neighborhoods, back down the main street and the we do a big lap around the man made lake in the middle of the race event. It was a great course and  the weather was awesome. I didn't have any cheerleaders this time around but enjoyed the reward of Shoyu chicken and rice to take home. I gave away my free drink ticket to another couple and enjoyed a few freebies from the booths. My time was 29.10 via the chip time, not bad off my usually pace. I did not see a cause for the race but hoped my money was for a valid purpose. This was a great kick off to the summer!

Here is the link below for Rum Run information:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

April Run - Last Minute Find

The Rad 80's Run

The 5k plan for April was to go with Lindsay up to Seattle for her friend's 5k run, "Run with Abe." The hard part about this plan was Evan had his open house for his new shop the day before so it was going to be a quick trip up and back. With a little hard thought and getting a baby up at 5am, we decided not to go. Since it was the last week of April, I didn't have many chances to find another run. That night I looked online and found "The Rad 80s Run." Bringing the 80s to our own back yard!

This was the perfect last minute run. It was being hosted at Mt. Tabor, a few minutes away from our house. The theme was easy as I always have 80s gear on hand and the run was supporting the Team Challenge for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. A cause that one of best friends has been fighting for some time. It was nice to have a personal connection. 

The race was very festive and there were some great outfits! I felt a little sad by myself but again last minute sometimes we have to be strong and focus on our goals. Some runners started an aerobics stretching circle to the rad 1980's music being blasted! The run was a little challenging with the hills of Mt. Tabor. I did good with the first incline but the last couple were deadly. I found a good pace partner and we pushed through to the finish. There were some nice treats waiting for us at the finish but my favorite was all the the park-goers looks as we we crashed their morning activities! I loved my last minute outfit, although one day I will pull out Mom's old jazzercise outfit! (maybe next year!)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding Idea: Beaded Serving Set

Serving Set with a TWIST

Truthfully I am not sure how the idea started. 2007 was a busy summer planning a wedding for Lindsay and Evan. Our mom must of picked up a simple serving set but wanted to jazz it up. One of those busy nights planning my mom had me string beads on jewelry wire to wrap around the end of the serving set. The beads were in Lindsay's wedding colors, cranberry, brown and a little pink. Lindsay had no idea of this little touch to her cake table. However, the beads didn't stop there. Our mother either had this in her head or came across the serving set during our wedding process in 2010. She had one of my sisters do the same for our cake table with our wedding colors; blue, green and grey. I had no idea but remember noticing the layer as we cut our cake. They had wrapped the wire on top of the first layer so you could still see the first layer of colors. It was special to see that added touch carried through to my wedding, like passing the torch. This last August was Courtney's wedding and we were able to complete the serving set with a another layer using purple and navy blue beads. We only had a few weeks to put her wedding together but was able to dig out the set and get the third and finally layer twisted around. We were able to pass the torch to out little sister to complete her cake and toast table. I have a couple pictures of the completed serving set below. They are not great pictures but gives you an idea.

I think this is a great idea for any family of siblings. It adds a special touch that will be remembered forever and you can keep using at any family function.

Wedding Tip: Ross Dress for Less sells serving sets for less than ten dollars. You may have to search a little but usually you can find one or two on the shelves at different times during the year. They also are a cheap addition to a shower gift as most brides don't think to register for a serving set or just the server alone.