Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces: A Birthday Gift

Babies, Babies, Babies

Since 2010 their has been a BIT of a baby craze in our world. Starting with two of my best friends Allison and Sarah D. If you were at our wedding you would have seen the two pregnant bridesmaids! (It is supposed to be good luck!)  Since then babies have been popping up everywhere with friends, family, co-workers and all over Facebook. As people have been saying we are "at that age." To me it seems like a huge baby boom! It appears our generations and circles of friends are all starting that chapter of life. Chris and I are not at that point in our story book but know it is in our future.

After each baby was born I wanted to give a gift that would capture that special day, their birthday. I remember growing up with a wall hanging that was cross-stitched with all my birthday stats on it. I wanted to recreate this idea as a gift to each baby. Take an old tradition and make it new. I found an idea on Etsy to start with and went from there. I tried to incorporate all the colors from each nursery.

Here are a few of the PIECES I created:

Notice all the boys, boys, boys. The first girl just came a year ago in March. I have yet to get her print done but will get it added to the boys collection when I get a chance. With two more baby boys just born last week, I have some more work to get to. I love this idea because since it is just an 8x10 print they do not have to have it hanging forever but can add it easily into a scrapbook for another usable art project!

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  1. Nice post, love seeing them all together. Did you not make one for Evelyn? Love that Conrad's is the only one who height wasn't just 17, 20 or 21...he had to get that 3/4 in there!