Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces: Summer Crafting

Summer Crafts - 2012

One tight budget. Two projects from leftover objects. Three PIECES of usable house decor.

Over the summer every time I was at my Mom's house, I cleaned out my old bedroom drawers full of wedding leftovers. My goal was to purge, regroup and organize as much as possible to start getting all my stuff in order. In the process I came across a lot of crystal objects that were not used at the wedding but still had some artistic value. Also, I found a couple frames I had given to my sisters in college. I decided to make use of items instead of hiding in a drawer.

First Project: Outdoor Crystal Prism Chandelier

I love crystal prisms and what they create.  I have one hanging from my review mirror. They symbolize so much and capture the essence of color. I have a lot of these little prisms leftover from our wedding. I thought it would be fun to create some kind of way to display them outdoors, reminding us of our wedding vows. My goal was to find some cheap option to hang the prisms from similar to a traditional chandelier. Out of curiosity I tried a great local store called Hippo Hardware. However, the price they wanted for each chandelier was crazy for my BITTY project. I decided to stick to goodwill treasure hunting instead. However, to my surprise; at one my Ross Dress for Less adventures, I ended up finding a damaged candle holder on clearance for three dollars. I loved all the spaces and loops that would work so well with all the small prisms. Using some super thin jewelry wire from my craft box, I was able securely hang each prism as well as create a chain for the top.  We have the chandelier hanging on our front porch and has seasoned very well.

Second Project: Framed Chalkboards

Chalkboard has taken over in the craft world. I wanted to try my hands on converting some ornate frames, into usable chalkboards. These frames I purchased in college and put Disney princess pictures in them for my sisters and me. It turns out that we don't want Disney pictures in our houses these days but the frames are still "in style" creating my BITTY project. I purchased some chalkboard spray paint for five dollars and painted the glass with two coats of the paint, letting each layer dry completely. Then I just put them back into the frames and voila....a usable yet stylish chalkboard. Courtney uses her chalkboard all the time for little notes around the house.