Saturday, May 25, 2013

April Run - Last Minute Find

The Rad 80's Run

The 5k plan for April was to go with Lindsay up to Seattle for her friend's 5k run, "Run with Abe." The hard part about this plan was Evan had his open house for his new shop the day before so it was going to be a quick trip up and back. With a little hard thought and getting a baby up at 5am, we decided not to go. Since it was the last week of April, I didn't have many chances to find another run. That night I looked online and found "The Rad 80s Run." Bringing the 80s to our own back yard!

This was the perfect last minute run. It was being hosted at Mt. Tabor, a few minutes away from our house. The theme was easy as I always have 80s gear on hand and the run was supporting the Team Challenge for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. A cause that one of best friends has been fighting for some time. It was nice to have a personal connection. 

The race was very festive and there were some great outfits! I felt a little sad by myself but again last minute sometimes we have to be strong and focus on our goals. Some runners started an aerobics stretching circle to the rad 1980's music being blasted! The run was a little challenging with the hills of Mt. Tabor. I did good with the first incline but the last couple were deadly. I found a good pace partner and we pushed through to the finish. There were some nice treats waiting for us at the finish but my favorite was all the the park-goers looks as we we crashed their morning activities! I loved my last minute outfit, although one day I will pull out Mom's old jazzercise outfit! (maybe next year!)


  1. Love your outfit, I still feel terrible! Sorry! AND I didn't know about your run today (May's run)! You should have told me!

  2. Your outfit is so awesome!! Garrett's aunt and uncle were there, helping maybe too, to support their son Michael.