Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wedding Idea: Beaded Serving Set

Serving Set with a TWIST

Truthfully I am not sure how the idea started. 2007 was a busy summer planning a wedding for Lindsay and Evan. Our mom must of picked up a simple serving set but wanted to jazz it up. One of those busy nights planning my mom had me string beads on jewelry wire to wrap around the end of the serving set. The beads were in Lindsay's wedding colors, cranberry, brown and a little pink. Lindsay had no idea of this little touch to her cake table. However, the beads didn't stop there. Our mother either had this in her head or came across the serving set during our wedding process in 2010. She had one of my sisters do the same for our cake table with our wedding colors; blue, green and grey. I had no idea but remember noticing the layer as we cut our cake. They had wrapped the wire on top of the first layer so you could still see the first layer of colors. It was special to see that added touch carried through to my wedding, like passing the torch. This last August was Courtney's wedding and we were able to complete the serving set with a another layer using purple and navy blue beads. We only had a few weeks to put her wedding together but was able to dig out the set and get the third and finally layer twisted around. We were able to pass the torch to out little sister to complete her cake and toast table. I have a couple pictures of the completed serving set below. They are not great pictures but gives you an idea.

I think this is a great idea for any family of siblings. It adds a special touch that will be remembered forever and you can keep using at any family function.

Wedding Tip: Ross Dress for Less sells serving sets for less than ten dollars. You may have to search a little but usually you can find one or two on the shelves at different times during the year. They also are a cheap addition to a shower gift as most brides don't think to register for a serving set or just the server alone.

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  1. Very cute, to be honest, I had no idea! I didn't know about my wedding, your wedding, until Courtney mentioned it during the toasts at her wedding! Oh man! Thanks for sharing this story, I might have to copy!