Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Idea: Family Wedding Bookshelf

Family Wedding Photo Display

I have had a bookshelf since college that was our dear Aunt Coni's. She had painted layer after layer on it through all of her traveling years. In college I stripped it down, sanded, stained and put on new trim. One of my first DIY projects during the summer in Bellingham. The bookshelf fits well on our staircase landing holding some books. However, around the books I finally have crafted a great display of wedding memorabilia and a place to share our families wedding photos. 

The last four years, I have juggled what items have stayed on the self. It started with Lindsay and Evan's wedding photo framed in a older gold frame.  The ones that are usually tossed away at Goodwill. I like the old feel of those frames so I slowly started collecting frames and adding the framed Wedding photos of our family as I found them sifting through all the wedding boxes. It also was able to house items from our own Wedding that still hold the love of that day.

 Some of the items include:

-Grandparents Wedding Photos (Wack, Conrad, Bradach and Emery)
-Parents Wedding Photos
-Siblings Wedding Photos
-Our Wedding Photo
-Items that were on our Wedding alter (candle holders, frames, scrabble pieces)
 -Our Wedding Goblets
-Special beach trinkets from our Honeymoon
-Yearly anniversary wine bottles
-The three Wack sister family protraits from each wedding
-My Dad's high school senior portrait

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